Building for Tomorrow

Jordan Middle School exterior

A Wise Investment

Wenck has created a reputation with our unyielding efforts to ensure a resilient future. Recycling, reusing, and reimagining waste and infrastructure, turning liabilities into profitable opportunities for clients, is just part of the equation. Where would we be without our amazing consultants? Our designers, engineers, scientists, and construction pros? Whether sponsoring the Bismarck-Mandan Home Builders Association with their 2nd annual Kids Build Mandan event, or continuing renovations, additions, and innovations on multimillion dollar school district overhauls, Wenck has a commitment to the individual student. Our roots go back more than 30 years of working on a full spectrum of education-related endeavors. We create environments that inspire curiosity, promote safety, ensure growth, and link technology with nature to enrich the next generation of thinkers and problem solvers, insisting the future of our planet is a bright one.

Project Spotlight

The Jordan School District engaged Wenck as their construction manager early in the planning process to provide pre-referendum planning services in March of 2014. The successful passing of the $35 million referendum enabled the district to approve additions and renovations to Jordan Middle School, originally built in the 1960s, creating a 21st-century learning environment for students. A new Community Education and Recreation Center (CERC) was also approved to provide a much-needed fitness and recreation space for the community. 

The entire building program reflected a 95,000 SF major renovation, a 25,670 SF remodel, a 12,200 SF addition to support various flexible learning spaces, and a 48,145 SF CERC addition. Each academic pod includes ten learning studios, a central Collaboration Zone, an Einstein lab (multipurpose lab) and teacher support areas – flexible enough to accommodate a variety of configurations for student activity.

The district emphasized a need for communal integration and togetherness, yet the original structure lacked any sort of commons area. Wenck remedied this by giving the building a new heart, so to speak. The area features a 15-foot raised roof with storefront windows running from the main entrance throughout the center of the building, allowing natural light to fill the space beautifully. The raised area also serves to define a new secure entrance adjacent to the school’s administrative offices. This commons area accommodates 400 people and is used as a gathering place for meals and a variety of activities for both students and staff. With its own entry, the CERC includes three gym stations with an elevated track, fitness center, and community meeting space.

During the planning phase, Wenck developed a construction plan that accelerated the schedule from 24 to 16 months, providing approximately $500,000 in construction cost savings. To successfully implement the plan, each phase had to be completed before moving on to the next. Components of the phasing plan included erecting temporary walls, rotating student classrooms, installing temporary heating systems, establishing an egress protocol, and maintaining life-systems. Wenck also developed a site utilization plan to clearly identify construction boundaries, material drop-off zones, and staging areas.

Throughout the construction phase, 560 students occupied the middle school with minimal disruption to their learning environment. Implementation of an extensive safety plan ensured student, staff, and contractor safety throughout the project. This approach required collaboration and constant communication between the district, Wenck, DLR Group, and the contractors. Weekly meetings coordinated by Wenck were attended by all project stakeholders to address questions, concerns, and ideas about how to keep the project a success – on schedule and within budget.

Obligation to Education

Wenck takes pride and responsibility whenever working in the education market. Our ability to provide rich learning environments that allow students to be critical and creative, logical and full of wonder – is the engine behind our efforts. Who knows, a few students attending the schools we build might even join the Wenck team someday.

Andy Hoffman

Wenck Author

Andy Hoffmann

Vice President of Preconstruction, Wenck Construction