The 5 Reasons You Need A Pond Cover

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Wenck offers a full suite of services involving geosynthetic containment pond covers at any stage for your specific needs. We understand regulatory standards and can strategize to mitigate nuisance odors, achieve thermal retention, install floating islands, prevent evaporation, control dust/particulate contamination, as well as manage waste and stormwater – all for a host of water storage reservoirs including tanks, ponds, and lagoons.

Our team of ecologists, engineers, and technical experts can assist your business with intelligent design, design-build, build, and timely installment of pond covers – including any modifications, repairs, removals, or disposals – with our Integrated Project Delivery system, putting communication and collaboration at the forefront. At Wenck, it is our focus to help clients achieve their resiliency goals with cost-saving solutions. We offer assurance that your facility is environmentally sound while meeting financial expectations.

Where to start:

Different pond covers feature different benefits, and some have overlapping qualities. Generally, there are five main reasons one would require a pond cover:

Five reasons to require a pond cover






1) Thermal retention– particularly useful for keeping water warm and active in the winter.

2) Odor control– by raising surface tension and minimizing the escape route, offensive odors are eliminated.

3) Evaporation protection– if you don’t want the contents in your pond, tank, or lagoon to become gaseous.

4) Dust/particulate protection– if you want to keep these contaminants out.

5) Floating islands– floating treatment systems are designed to consume organic matter, nitrogen, contaminants, and wastewater. They are resilient and environmentally sound.

Ask yourself, what problem am I trying to solve? And in what environment? The answer will give you a heads up as to what type of pond cover would best suit your situation.

Final steps:
Wenck can help you pick out the right cover for whatever combination of solutions you seek. If you have questions or want to schedule a consultation, contact Wenck technical expert Tony Rohs at 763-479-4228 or for a conversation based on your tailored needs.

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