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Fargo Project Site
Fargo Landfill
City of Fargo
Fargo, North Dakota

Wenck has performed extensive work for the City of Fargo since 1989. We were first involved in the original landfill design upgrade to meet stringent Subtitle D standards for the currently operating facility. This work included extensive negotiations with the NDDH staff, since it was the first Subtitle D facility upgrade in the entire state of North Dakota.

Subsequent to the innovative design upgrade, Wenck staff have been involved in a variety of issues at the facility, long-term strategic planning as well as re-permitting, and upgrading the facility to meet changing conditions and requirements. These issues have included:

  • Cost of services studies
  • Airspace calculations
  • Annual financial assurance calculations
  • Waste fill progression and soil excavation planning
  • Multiple permit renewals/modifications
  • SWPPP plan and subsequent updates
  • Correspondence and coordination with regulatory agencies
  • On site electrical generation and off-site boiler fuel
  • Design and construction of the Active Gas System (well field, compressors, gas conditioning)
  • Feasibility Study to convert landfill gas to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to vehicle fuel
  • Design and equipment procurement for first phase of CNG system
  • Multiple cell construction and closure project design construction administration and oversight
  • Planning for management of large volumes of excess soils from excavation projects
  • Reclamation planning of the old landfill site, permitting and construction of redevelopment
  • Assistance with flow control and City solid waste ordinances
  • Assistance with Cost of Services Study
  • Negotiating a reduction in design criteria for a large volume MSW site (over 500 tons/day)

Wenck also completed an operations plan for the City of Fargo. The plan included baling capabilities, the management of the bales, staffing requirements and responsibilities, equipment used and requirements, as well as management of waste within the cell boundaries. NDDH Approvals that Wenck has gained for a wide variety of plans and investigations include:

  • Methane monitoring plan
  • Hazardous waste screening plan
  • Completed O&M plans for the active gas collection system, composting operation, baler facility, HHW facility, and closure & post closure plans
  • Site training in landfill operations
  • Final cover and landfill screening plans
  • Feasibility study to reclaim old landfill area (reprocessing recyclables, transfer of material to new landfill)

Wenck continues work with the City, including evaluation of state liner/cover requirements (e.g., the new “evapotranspiration covers”), annual environmental monitoring, air quality work, and overall system evaluations.

Wenck was also retained to assist in evaluating the feasibility of providing single-sort collection of recyclables in the City of Fargo. Single-stream recycling is the system in which all recyclable materials, such as paper, plastic, metal, and glass are commingled into one recycling bin, instead of being sorted by the depositor into separate bins. With single-stream (commingled) recycling, both the collection and processing systems are designed to handle this fully commingled mixture of recyclables, with materials being separated for reuse at a material recovery facility (MRF). 

The City of Fargo spent a considerable amount of effort to make their current recycling operations successful. Recycling drop sites allow a means for businesses and residents that live in multifamily housing to continue to recycle. The drop sites also allow residents that opt not to have curbside collection of recyclables a means to recycle, improving environmental stewardship and quality of life for the communities.

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