Former Oasis Redevelopment

Former Oasis Redevelopment
Former Oasis Redevelopment
MF Blaine, LLC
Blaine, Minnesota

The former Oasis Market site was an active leaking underground storage tank site throughout the 1990s. The site had been inactive for a number of years until acquired by our client MF Blaine, LLC. Consultant’s tasks included the removal of five USTs, underground piping, and seven dispensers. Petroleum levels were very high in the soil samples collected below the tanks and dispenser systems. An Excavation Report Worksheet was prepared for the MPCA while petroleum detections were reported to the State Duty Officer and assigned a new leak number. Wenck conducted a Limited Site Investigation to define the extent and magnitude of the soil, groundwater, and soil vapor impacts.

Wenck performed an updated Phase I ESA for the site as well as a Development Response Action Plan/Construction Contingency Plan (DRAP/CCP) incorporating the unique site conditions along the final design plans. The site was enrolled in the MPCA Petroleum Brownfields Program which “is a fee-for-service program that provides technical assistance and issuance of various liability assurance letters to promote the investigation, cleanup, and redevelopment of property that is contaminated with petroleum and/or hazardous substances,” according to the MPCA website. “This benefits Minnesota communities by reducing urban sprawl, enhancing the livability of neighborhoods, and creating new businesses, jobs, and an improved tax base.”

The MPCA approved the DRAP/CCP and building demolition and site work commenced. Wenck implemented the DRAP/CCP over the next three months which included the removal of unsuitable soils beneath the building pad, removal of contaminated soils within utility corridors, the installation of vapor barriers within utility corridors, and the installation of a vapor venting system below the building. Wenck also assisted the owner in obtaining dewatering permits from the City of Blaine and the Metropolitan Council. After the site work was completed, a DRAP/CCP Implementation report was prepared and sent to the MPCA for review and approval. Original schedule was based on the General Contractors schedule. The retail site, which is now occupied by StarBucks Coffee, Mattress Firm, and a dental office opened on time. Budgets for consulting were met.

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