Kimzey Due Diligence/North Well Field

The Town of Pine Bluffs
Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

For the Town of Pine Bluffs, Wenck completed a due diligence investigation of the Kimzey Property, an irrigated farm north of town, and worked to incorporate its wells into the Town water system. Due to years of water level declines in the Brule Aquifer, the Town had lost production from several of its municipal wells, and was seeking supplemental water supplies. The Town purchased the Kimzey Property with significant water rights associated with three historic irrigation wells that are completed in the Terrace/Alluvial Aquifer.

The Kimzey wells yield high quality water for drinking and town irrigation near existing infrastructure. Prior to the purchase, Wenck completed stepped and constant rate aquifer tests on two of the three wells, inspected the condition and pumping equipment, tested water quality, evaluated the reliability of the water rights, assessed local hydrogeologic conditions, and estimated the amount of water that could be transferred from irrigation to municipal use. Based on that review and a Wenck recommendation, the Town proceeded with the land acquisition.

Wenck collaborated with the Town to identify a favorable location for a new production well that would replace two of the older irrigation wells. Test hole drilling and aquifer testing resulted in the successful completion of an 85 foot deep well that yielded 1,015 gpm. Wenck negotiated with the Wyoming Board of Control to successfully convert the water rights from agricultural to municipal use and to relocate the well within the Laramie County Groundwater Control Area. Wenck is currently completing the engineering designs necessary to tie the wells into the Town water system.

Major Project Features:

  • Water Rights
  • Geologic and Hydrogeologic Data Review
  • Well Design and Construction Administration
  • Aquifer Testing
  • Civil Engineering
  • Pipeline and Pump System Design
  • Construction Management

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