Linn Grove Cemetery Irrigation Well

The City of Greeley
Greeley, Colorado

The City of Greeley (City) retained Wenck to complete a rehabilitation investigation of a failing alluvial irrigation well located at Linn Grove Cemetery near the confluence of the Cache La Poudre and South Platte Rivers. The City had observed that the irrigation well’s production had diminished from 350 gpm to 225 gpm, and there were fist sized holes in the pump column pipe. In an attempt to restore the production capacity of the well, Wenck supervised the chemical treatment in advance of redeveloping and aquifer testing the well. Wenck also collected and submitted water samples of the casing and aquifer water to assess the potential for biological corrosion and aquifer plugging. The production of the well could not be fully restored. Wenck concluded that the diminished yield and eventual well failure were due to bacteriological fouling or plugging of the aquifer near the well.

Going forward, Wenck collaborated with the City and Layne on an exploration drilling program to identify the best location for a replacement irrigation well located up- or cross-gradient from the failed well. The drilling and completion of four 2-inch monitoring wells allowed for full examination of the hydrogeologic properties and hydrostratigraphic character of the alluvial aquifer, and for water quality testing to assess the potential for bacterial fouling. Wenck selected a site and completed the well design to maximize well yield and minimize the potential for bacterial problems. Following completion and development of the 81-foot deep well, aquifer testing indicated it would yield up to 700 gpm for irrigation supply. Layne completed the well with a 350 gpm pump and connected the well to the existing irrigation system. Wenck also provided the City with a well maintenance plan to monitor the well’s performance and perform routine maintenance as needed to maintain well production.

Major Project Features: 

  • Well Data Review
  • Geologic and Hydrogeologic Data Review
  • Well Rehabilitation
  • Cost Estimating and Budgeting
  • Hydrogeologic Logging
  • Well Design and Construction Management 
  • Aquifer Testing
  • Water Quality Sampling

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