Water Resources Management

Clean water for generations to come

Water is in our DNA. Water resources were among the first services offered by the Wenck when it was founded in 1985, and today Wenck specializes in assisting cities, counties, watershed organizations, lake associations, and others in water resource management. Wenck can manage a single lake or hundreds of lakes, streams, and wetlands.

The company has been working with many of our clients over the course of decades, assisting with multiple generations of plans and strategies. Wenck can also perform water quality diagnostic studies for lakes, streams, and wetlands; generate TMDLs and WRAPS studies, or assist with lake and stream protection and restoration. In the end, we are passionate about water and can assist you in any water-related project, large or small.

Stormwater Management
Stream Restoration & Remeandering
TMDL Studies & Implementation/ One Water One Plan/ WRAPs
Water Resources Permitting & Compliance
Watershed District/WMO Engineering
Water Quality & Quantity Monitoring
Surface Water
Stormwater Management

Wenck helps clients decide on, design, and implement green infrastructure effectively and efficiently. We provide strategic regulatory advice and expert design for all types of stormwater management solutions. Whether a client needs to reduce flooding from a rain event, create a resilient urban area through green infrastructure, save money on a stormwater utility bill, achieve LEED certification, or take a lake off an impaired waters list by preventing runoff, Wenck understands how strategic stormwater management can benefit an organization in many ways. Our green infrastructure expertise includes:

• Interception/infiltration
• Collection ponds
• Underground stormwater detention tanks
• Filtration & iron-sand filtration systems
• Rain gardens
• Permeable pavements
• Structural soils
• Tree trenches
• Capture & reuse
• Re-use for irrigation
• Permitting & compliance

Stream Restoration & Remeandering

Wenck engineers, scientists and landscape architects have a long history of stream restoration and stabilization projects involving trout, macroinvertebrate and terrestrial habitat improvement, remeandering, dissolved oxygen improvement, floodplain access, nutrient and sediment reduction, and channel beautification. Each project harnesses our creative ability to produce unique solutions for individual streams – often utilizing first-of-its-kind design. We work with municipalities; watershed organizations; county, state, tribal and federal government; and private property owners in rural, suburban and urban environments by first listening to their expected outcomes and then applying the science and engineering to make their vision a reality. Our projects range in size from on-site consultation and hand-sketched design for small streams to detailed CAD-designed plans that include extensive topographic and geomorphic mapping, wetland and botanical surveys; in-stream fish counts; Rosgen-type analysis; and robust hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for projects multiple miles in length.

TMDL Studies & Implementation/ One Water One Plan/ WRAPs

The Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) approach shifts the basis of decision-making from regulations to performance. (In other words, decisions on water-quality improvement are based on performance.) Wenck has conducted more TMDL studies in our home state of Minnesota than any other company. By taking a multi-disciplinary approach, we develop a rigorous and easy-to-understand TMDL that incorporates components of hydrologic and water quality modeling, ecology and geomorphology assessments. Wenck is also involved in Minnesota’s “One Watershed, One Plan” initiative, which is focused on comprehensive watershed management plans, as well as the Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS), which complements TMDL reports and aims to help address threats to water quality in major watersheds.

Water Resources Permitting & Compliance

Violations of the Clean Water Act can be costly, but at Wenck we have experts in-house who will help you meet the law’s requirements. We have years of experience helping clients obtain permits related to water rights, agricultural ditches, U.S. Army Corps of Engineering Section 404 impacts, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission matters, and watershed and local development stormwater management requirements.

Watershed District/WMO Engineering

Wenck’s water services started with a single watershed district. Today watershed districts, watershed management organizations (WMOs) and other water-driven local government units seek us out for long-term partnerships because of our track record for translating the latest research and engineering practices into the practical application of water and natural resource protection.

Water Quality & Quantity Monitoring

How clean is the water in your lake? Can you safely eat the fish you caught in the river? What’s in the effluent discharged from your site into a downstream waterbody? Do you meet state water quality standards? What is the extent of that groundwater chemical plume? How much water can you withdraw from that stream? The answer to these questions and more can be found through surface and groundwater flow and water quality monitoring. We can help you assess current conditions, meet permit requirements, and design and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of proposed improvement projects.


Whether you need to identify, develop, or augment a groundwater supply, assess and remediate contaminated groundwater, or dewater aquifers for mining, agricultural, development, or construction purposes – our team has the technical expertise to identify groundwater sources on your property and assess alternatives. We will characterize the extent of the problem, determine the options for mitigation, negotiate with appropriate regulatory agencies, and implement the approved plan. Our hydrogeological analysis and design tools allow us to identify your groundwater flow and unsaturated ground flow resources. Wenck geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, and water resource specialists will work with you to understand your groundwater needs, and develop timely, cost-effective solutions that address the issue and advance your business.  

  • Baseline Hydrogeologic Characterization
  • Groundwater Supply and Development
  • Water Rights and Permitting
  • Water Well Design, Bidding, & Construction Management
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Dewatering System Design
  • Groundwater Contaminant Monitoring and Remediation
  • Spring Studies
  • Source Water Assessment & Wellhead Protection
  • Well Evaluation and Rehabilitation
  • Infiltration Gallery Design
  • Groundwater Resource Sustainability Evaluation
Surface Water

Wenck is an industry leading, innovative provider of surface water services and has completed riverine projects in over 21 states as well as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Our surface water studies are designed to meet the needs of our clients while also protecting the health and integrity of the water body and watershed. Prior to design, our engineers and fluvial geomorphologists complete river stability studies recognizing that the evaluation of historic fluvial behavior is the key to future prediction. Combining geomorphology with strong engineering practices allows us to provide clients with “natural solutions” that are not only cost effective, but also require little oversight and management. Wenck is also well versed in bioengineering methods for stream restoration and has successfully completed projects on river reaches with sensitive, threatened, and endangered listed species.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your organization's water needs.

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