Wetland Delineation, Ecological Restoration & Permitting

Wetland Delineation, Ecological Restoration & Permitting

Wetlands are potential issues for many development projects. Wenck’s water resources team will identify and delineate wetlands in the areas that will be impacted by your project in compliance with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (COE), State and Local Government unit (LGU) requirements. Wenck can also prepare and submit the appropriate applications to the COE and required state and county agencies. If necessary, Wenck will help develop mitigation strategies to manage impacts. Wenck has Professional Wetland Scientists and Professional Soil Classifiers on staff to provide you with the guidance and support you need. Our wetland expertise and productive working relationships with LGUs, the State water agencies, and the COE will move your project quickly through the approval process.

Delineating, Mitigation, Permitting & Monitoring Preparation of Comprehensive Wetland

  • Management Plans
  • Wetland Change Assessment
  • Wetland Functions and Values Assessment
  • Wetland Mapping
  • FSA Wetland WETS Analysis
  • Aerial Photo Interpretation
  • GIS Analysis
  • Hydric Soil Delineation
  • Regulatory Negotiation
  • CAD Drafting
  • Wetland Banking

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